Welcome to Proyecto Kieu


Welcome to Proyecto Kieu

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I’m Lorenzo, I’m 29 and I’m Italian. I have been living in Spain, in Numancia de la Sagra, for about a month. I chose the Kieu project because it seemed well organized and well structured. Also I wanted to live in Spain for a long time – I will stay here for a year- because it is a country that I like, and I have always gone there on vacation.

Numancia is a little village but nearby are Madrid and Toledo, as well as many places to be in contact with nature.

In this photo I’m in «la Pedriza» a nature reserve near Madrid, perfect for climbing, trekking or spending a day in nature. The reserve is on the south side of the Guadarrama National Park, but it is never too crowded because the number of cars that can enter daily is limited.
I have climbed the route ASA to the turtle; an easy multipitch route, for those who start climbing on granite.
Enjoy Proyecto Kieu and Spain

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Hi to everyone! My name is Kateryna, I’m 23 years old and I’m Ukrainian. I have been volunteering for KIEU project for almost 3 months. I live in Numancia de la Sagra, a town that is close to Madrid.

I decided to volunteer because it was my dream since college time. I’m a teacher, and that’s why I chose this project to work with teenagers and develop young spaces I want to thank this project for this opportunity)

¿What do you need to know about our volunteering?

Proyecto Kieu is an NGO focused in local development in the geographical area of La Sagra (Toledo) in Spain.

Since 2010, together with the youngsters in our community, we promote awareness, active participation, critical thinking and ultimately self-social development. We’ve established strong alliances with local municipalities in several villages in our area with the aim to multiply opportunities for youth in the territory and bring in new resources. The overall strategy of PK in La Sagra County is to combine the resources for the young population in the area and start cooperating among the villages to make the best out of the existing possibilities and create collective new ones optimizing the resources available

Among youngsters we focus in the ones with fewer opportunities cause due to our actual socio-economic situation, most of La Sagra youngsters face severe economic problems at home and quite a discouraging scene in terms of employment or education. La Sagra is the land between Madrid and Toledo (big and heritage cities, respectively) but even though, the public communication system is not that good, and youngsters living in our area are
quite disconnected from the opportunities that cities offer. We neither live in a rural area: several decades ago our community lost their connexion with farming and land because landowners decided to sell the land to built, and built and built… So, basically our geographic place is like a pre-urban landscape with lots of houses and not many things to do both in terms of personal and professional life.

That’s our standard infopack (your future tasks can be different)

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please contact : stefana@proyectokieu.org