Finding Traces -Youth Exchange

Disfrutamos de la presencia en Numancia de la Sagra de un grupo de alemanes que formaba parte del  intercambio juvenil «Finding Traces»  que tuvo lugar el año pasado. Esta última semana de abril 2017 el grupo está haciendo un intercambio con el instituto de Numancia, prueba que el trabajo y la motivación de Proyecto Kieu sigue caminando(;

Aquí en imágenes en nos recordamos del intercambio «Finding Traces», del 4 al 10 de julio 2016 en España y del 10 al 16 julio 2016 en Berlín.

¿Pero que estaba exactamente este intercambio ?

«The organizing partners of the project «Finding traces», Ludwig Wolker Haus e.V. in Berlin and Proyecto Kieu in Numancia de la Sagra, provided an opportunity for youth with fewer opportunities in an international encounter. Twenty youth age 14 to 19 years from Germany and Spain met in two one-week-long encounters in July 2016. During the photography project participants were searching for traces following various topics such as housing, food, mobility, youth life style, religion, communication etc. and had commonly explore the different, metropolitan and rural, surroundings they live in. Participants were actively and result-orientated involved in all project steps. An exhibition has been curated, developed and presented to the public in both countries. Organizing this public event permited to facilitate and support Youth in social networking and entrepreneurship. The pedagogical approach of the project was strongly focussed on identification and promotion of individual competences. The project rose the awareness of European programms presenting opportunities of shared activities for youth in both countries.»